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My approach

My approach to therapy combines current evidence-based practices with a non-judgmental and warm atmosphere. In my experience, a positive therapeutic relationship between therapist and client is crucial to working effectively on the client’s goals.

At the heart of my therapeutic work is the client, with their individual strengths and challenges. My task is providing you with the tools you need, so you can apply them yourself to increase your well-being and improve your self-efficacy. Being able to use these skills yourself can help you feel better and stronger.

In the beginning of our work together, we will identify your personal goals and determine what would need to change for you to feel better. The start of therapy also helps to establish a diagnosis. If you decide to continue our work together, we will define the steps towards your personal goals.

I work according to a cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) model. This well studied approach has been proven efficacious in the treatment of various mental health disorders. CBT focuses on the interaction of thoughts, physical symptoms and behaviour to understand emotional difficulties and their solutions.

Additionally, I like to integrate other evidence-based interventions like meditation, mindfulness, relaxation methods and mental imagery into my work. Depending on your personal needs, the focus of our work will be on your current situation or on understanding deeply rooted patterns from the past.

The strategies and tools for problem-solving will be tailored to your personal needs. Likewise, the duration and frequency of therapy sessions will be individually tailored to your goals, whether it is a shorter coaching or a more comprehensive psychotherapy.

I offer therapy and coaching in German and English. Online appointments via video calls are also possible, so we can work towards your goals, no matter where you are.

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